Into the Light

I am so tired of walking around in the darkness of my mind that is filled with a SAD-induced haze...

In my ongoing quest to prop myself up, I drank some coffee this morning prior to an interview.

This afternoon, I took a short nap, which brought on some better mental clarity, but made me feel tired in a different way.

Now I am onto my next plan of attack. I have been using a mini light for the last couple of weeks, since I have been feeling the decline. For some reason, I could have the light on all day long without feeling that much more awake, or the eventual agitation that normally comes with using the light for too long. Thus, all things considered, it led me to wonder if the light was not working.

I checked online, and it seems like the light has worked for some others. But some people were upset that it said that it had a certain amount of light lux, but only when using the two mini lights together. I was already concerned that it might not work for me in the first place, as I did not like the bluish tone that it has.

I have now brought out my larger light that I have used in years past, and I think that I may experience some more typical results. I may also go blind in the process, but at this point, I will almost take wide awake, but blind if I must choose.

Like the sun, this light has a more mild yellowish tone to it, so it is more natural to my eyes. The ones with a bluish tone remind me of fluorescents that I hate and that give me headaches. This light pierces my eyes in a different way, but it works, and that is about all that I can ask for right now.

Wish me luck– and lots of light– and I wish you the same. 😉

Sometimes some light, natural or not, is your best friend in the world.


A Special New Year’s Wish for Fellow S.A.D. Sufferers

Happy New Year!

New Year’s Eve is here, and many look at this turning of the page as a time of light and hope. For those of you who know the full importance of light in our lives, I have a special wish for you during this New Year’s.

With that, I would like to share some lyrics from a song from one of my favorite groups. Last year, I shared this song with my personal friends as my wish for them in the New Year. This year, I share it with all of you as my friends.

“Into the light may you fall, 
Into the light may you follow,
Into the light may you know
Truth alone.

Never to ask why,
Or to fear again.

Find your peace tonight.

Set out towards the sun,
Let the new begin.

Soon your day will come.

Into the light may you fall,
Into the light may you follow,
Into the light may you know
Truth alone.”

To listen to and be inspired by the entire song with its complete lyrics, you can go to this YouTube Video: “Words Darker Than Their Wings” by Alter Bridge

May you walk in the light both figuratively and literally in 2012 and beyond.

"Now, God be praised, that to believing souls gives light in darkness, comfort in despair." --William Shakespeare