The “Pros” About Probiotics

Does S.A.D. cause your system to become out of whack or are you prone to weight gain?

In the previous post, I talked about my battle with carbs.

Thankfully I have been sick for the last few days, and my eating has tapered off again. Also a fluctuation in female hormones may be making it easier, in addition to the fact that I finished off the entire large container of Italian Pizzelles that my mom gave me at Christmas, and I do not have too many more things around here that I am tempted by. 😉  Sometimes you have to count the little blessings, right?

I want to share a blog post from my other blog that is not necessarily related to Seasonal Affective Disorder. However, I do feel that it is pertinent due to the fact that S.A.D. can cause weight gain, and probiotics can be useful in minimizing weight gain. As mentioned previously, I have lost 20 pounds through portion control and probiotics, so it is definitely something I would recommend that you check into.

Product Review: VSL#3 Probiotics Provide Positive Results for Digestive Systems in Distress

Taking Vitamin D supplements may be helpful to those who suffer from winter blues or S.A.D., and some probiotics even contain Vitamin D. So there are plenty of reasons why probiotics can be helpful to various individuals.

I do feel that at least some of my weight gain has been due to my S.A.D., so the use of probiotics has become a crucial part of my own weight loss routine.

Often ignored, probiotics may be the key to successful weight loss, even for those that suffer from S.A.D.


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